Converged SDN Transport

Changing the economics of the network to deliver connected experiences at massive scale.

Transform network economics in your favor

A Converged SDN Transport architecture simplifies the network by converging services on a unified, automated infrastructure for maximum scalability and agility to support emerging services for the 5G era and beyond.

Increase service agility

A simple, resilient, and secure network platform to fast-track the delivery of innovative services.

Unlock investment efficiency

Industry-leading technologies enabling real-time network adaptations to optimize asset utilization.

Achieve operational excellence

Fully integrated automation to accelerate time to remediation and value.

Routed optical networking

Bring network simplification to new heights by converging IP and optical layers.

A new converged architecture

OpenZR+ standardization of pluggable coherent optics at 100/200/400 bit rates along with the massive scale in routing enables the integration of these DCO optics into the IP infrastructure, changing the network economics and simplifying the way networks are built.

Converged network protocols

With Segment Routing and Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN), communications service providers can take complexity out of the network and bring advanced services to market faster.

Segment routing

Segment routing augments network capabilities with intent-based and fine-grained control at mass scale to custom fit networks to applications’ needs, resulting in unprecedented customer experience.


Scaling to the largest deployments, EVPN reduces day-to-day configuration and operations overhead to fast track the provisioning and delivery of L2 and L3 VPN services.

Access and aggregation networks

Adapt to new service requirements and traffic patterns

Rearchitect access and aggregation networks with the flexibility to scale and support the enforcement of services and subscriber management policies from any distributed location.


Simple, modern, trustworthy

Reduce operational complexity with the modernized Cisco IOS XR, designed to deliver greater modularity, a simplified networking stack, and proactive operation and security with cloud-enhanced automation.

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation

Transforming mass-scale network operations

Cisco Crosswork offers a network automation platform to accelerate network planning and designs, to simplify implementation, and to proactively operate and optimize the network.


Implementing automation and orchestration tools reduces the need for truck rolls and emissions. ASIC breakthroughs, right-sizing of the network, and streamlining operations contribute to power efficiency gains of more than 60% and reduce the total carbon footprint of your business.