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The Cisco Structured Wireless-Aware Network


The popularity of wireless LANs (WLANs) has created new challenges for today's networking professionals. These individuals must respond to the growing demand for enterprise WLANs from end users who have embraced the freedom and flexibility of wireless connectivity and business executives who recognize the competitive advantage of business critical mobile applications.

Organizations can no longer choose not to deploy WLANs, because in the absence of sanctioned WLANs, employees are creating WLANs using rogue (or unauthorized) access points. These rogue access points create security breaches that put the entire network at risk. To reduce the chances of rogue WLAN deployments that expose the wired network to intrusion, network administrators need to install corporate-sanctioned WLANs. This will provide network administrators with the control they need to effectively manage their wired and wireless infrastructures and keep their networks secure.

Networking professionals must also integrate the WLAN into the existing wired network and scale the WLAN to support hundreds to thousands of users located in campuses and remote sites spread over great distances. They must provide a highly available medium that meets the expectations of enterprise users accustomed to the high availability of wired networks. In an era of tight budgets, enterprise network managers need to deliver enterprise-class mobile computing applications in all locations with solid network security, mobility, and control, all while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership. The right WLAN solution takes full advantage of existing tools, knowledge, resources, and the wired infrastructure to address critical WLAN security, deployment, and control issues.