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Reimagine the future
of Manufacturing
Today's changes and tomorrow's uncertainties are redefining your manufacturing operations, production and workforce.
According to manufacturers surveyed by NAM, McKinsey, and Forbes in March - July 2020:
of manufacturers expects 20% or more of their workforce to primarily work from home after the pandemic1.
are fast-tracking automation programs to stem worker shortages due to the pandemic2.
of manufacturers do not have an emergency response plan in place to prepare their company and employees for times of crisis3.
Today's changes and tomorrow's uncertainties are redefining your manufacturing operations, production and workforce.
Manufacturers are faced with:
Acceleration of existing trends

Such as:

  • Massive and overnight
    increases in your remote workforce
  • Increased security concerns
  • Growth in new cloud
    services and applications
Human Resource
Appearance of new dynamics
Evolving Business

Such as:

  • Prioritization of worker safety
    and wellness
  • Securely enabling remote
    workers, remote experts
    and dispersed teams
  • Continuity of operations,
    production and supply chains

How do you successfully balance acceleration and disruption? What about risk and opportunity?

Cisco Connected Experiences
Achieve business resilience

You need solutions designed and built for change at any scale across your teams, factory, supply chain, and the manufacturing industry landscape. Cisco can transform how you connect your people, secure your organization, and automate your processes.

Cisco® Business
Resiliency Solutions

Cisco Business Resiliency and Workforce Continuity solutions reimagine and redesign manufacturing by securely connecting remote teams and facilities to maintain production during normal operations, times of crisis or unforeseen business disruptions.

Business Resiliency Solutions
Cisco Secure
helps you:
  • Allow back-office workers, engineers, operators, and others to maintain continuity and normalcy of operations and keep employee communication levels high
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to harmful environments
  • Deliver a remote, secure, and interactive session to all employees
Cisco Trusted
helps you:
  • Support remote sites, working from home, data entry, and sensor data information
  • Involve your critical partners in on-site operations, even when they are remote
  • Enable operation at near full coverage as opposed to a “skeleton crew”
Secure Remote Workforce
Flexible Remote AccessFlexible Remote Access
Secure Remote CollaborationSecure Remote Collaboration
Remote Contact Center
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Remote Expert Access
Optimized Application Experience
Foundational Capabilities
Additional capabilities
Trusted Workplace
Secure AccessSecure Access
Seamless CollaborationSeamless Collaboration
Remote Operations
Social Density
Proximity Reporting
Asset and Facility Monitoring
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Cisco Business Resiliency and Workforce Continuity solutions provide you with the tools to securely maintain communications and collaboration with your dispersed and remote workers during normal operations or times of crisis, incidents or unforeseen business disruptions. Give your workforce the tools they need to safely and securely continue operations and maintain productivity, whether in person or remote.

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See how Cisco Business Resiliency Solutions can provide workforce continuity to your teams, facilities, and supply chain to keep your operations humming no matter what.

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  2. McKinsey: Industry 4.0: Reimagining manufacturing operations after COVID-19 (July 2020)
  3. NAM Coronavirus Outbreak Special Survey (February/March 2020)