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Create IoT Services

Companies, cities, and organizations are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to digitally transform their businesses. For many, the first step is to deploy sensors on machines, devices, and vehicles to convert physical measurements (e.g., pressure, vibration, temperature) into electrical signals that an IoT network can use. Why do this? Companies can better utilize assets, provide better experiences to customers, drive new product development, and complete preventive and predictive maintenance.

All these digitization efforts have IoT networks and technologies at their core, and this is opening up new business opportunities for Service Providers, such as:

  • Providing secure connection for IoT devices across access network types, which will vary by application requirements, for security, amount of data transferred, and reliability.
  • Transporting IoT data traffic and signaling from connected devices back to a multi-access core supporting IoT-specific features along with unified policy and charging capabilities.
  • Monetizing standardized APIs to expose network capabilities to IoT applications for real time interactions and other services.

Cisco IoT Foundational Platforms help Service Providers move up the IoT value chain to gain revenues from data management and solutions, based on new outcomes-based business models.