Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express

Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express

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Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express

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Upgrade your network with wireless! Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express products make it easy to set up and manage your wireless network so employees can stay connected wherever they need to work--at their desks, in conference rooms, or on the warehouse floors. You can also offer secure guest access to visitors.


Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express supports:

  • Productivity: Offer wireless access to customers, vendors, and contractors while still keeping company resources highly secure. You can also offer voice and data communications over the wireless network for employees on Wi-Fi phones and PDAs.
  • Flexibility: Start with a few access points (APs) for basic coverage and wireless applications, and add APs and a Cisco 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller for more coverage and advanced mobility services.
  • Manageability: Ensure the best network performance and the most complete wireless coverage of your building. Configuration software is included to simplify AP set up. Management and AP configuration for multiple APs is automated with the Cisco 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller.
  • Security: Get a broad range of standards-based encryption and user authentication to ensure a secure environment that is compatible with your mobile client devices.
  • Interoperability: Works with Cisco Smart Business Communication System for a complete voice, video, wired and wireless network solution designed just for you.

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Connect to the World

Connect to the World
Build a Basic Network

Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express offers a range of features including:

  • Flexible network configurations that grow with your mobility needs
  • Support for multiple security standards
  • Easy set-up of secure guest Internet access
  • Voice communications over wireless networks
  • Streamlined set-up and management
  • Integrates with the Cisco Smart Business Communications System

Common Features

  • Secure network access for guests such as consultants, vendors, and customers
  • Support for reliable voice communications, even over a wireless network
  • Flexible options for locating devices in walls, ceilings, or suspended ceilings
  • Access Points that operate with or without mobility controllers
  • Support for multiple industry-standard encryption and identity authentication standards


Key Products

Key Benefits

Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express
Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express

  • Serves up to 250 users
  • Integrates with Cisco Smart Business Communications System
  • Managed by Cisco Communication Assistant
  • Cost effective
  • Maximum 12 access points

Cisco Unified Wireless
Cisco Unified Wireless

  • Supports up to 1,000 users
  • Integrates with Cisco Unified Wireless Network
  • Managed by Cisco Wireless Control System
  • No limits on number of access points or controllers

Learn more about how Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express solutions bring reliability and security to your wireless network.


Mobility Express Flash Demo

Data Sheets

Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Point

Cisco 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller (PDF - 123 KB)

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Cisco Mobility Express Solution

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