Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management

Managing the Change Process with Cisco Collaborative PLM
For today's manufacturers, increasing the rate of innovation has become a top priority. By expanding their global R&D footprint, manufacturers can accelerate product development and time-to-market. However, to make global production workflows effective, companies must be able to assure consistent communication and collaboration, especially for engineering change management. To accomplish this, they are increasingly turning to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications.

The Cisco Collaborative PLM solution with PTC combines Cisco's industry-leading Unified Communications with PTC's Windchill PLM application to help manufacturers manage the engineering process workflow to contain costs, maintain quality, improve productivity, and meet traceability requirements. On strategically critical new product development projects, this solution:

  • Accelerates the change process by reducing delays associated with communications during the development process
  • Improves process compliance and tracking by reducing the likelihood of skipping steps due to delays
  • Improves auditing and reporting with a comprehensive record of all phases of the process
  • Improves productivity by embedding collaboration tools directly into the Windchill application interface
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