Cisco Distributed Research and Development

Accelerating Global R&D Networks
For today's manufacturers, increasing the rate of innovation has become a top priority. By expanding their global R&D footprint, manufacturers can accelerate product development and time-to-market, and, to accomplish this, they are increasingly turning to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications. However, to make global production workflows effective, companies must be able to synchronize product development worldwide. Managing innovation processes on a global basis requires consistent, high-speed access to applications and management of data.

The Cisco Distributed R&D solution with Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) offers an integrated technology that combines Cisco's powerful networks with PTC's PLM and Pro/Engineer CAD applications to accelerate applications and assure that design activities are in synch, engineering processes remain consistent, and design and production teams are always working from the latest information. In fast-paced R&D environments, manufacturers take advantage of:

  • Improved application performance across wide area networks, improving productivity and ensuring consistent PLM capabilities worldwide
  • Reduced cost of deployment and operation through data center infrastructure optimization and reduction in WAN network bandwidth utilization
  • Increased availability through system-wide server load balancing, failover switching, and monitoring
  • Comprehensive security to protect the confidentiality of critical applications, infrastructure, and data

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