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Make Every Second Count

Deploy proactive strategies and rapid response with Cisco Incident Response Service. (01: 58 min)

Successfully Manage the Dynamic Threat Landscape

The value of increased connectivity is counter-balanced by a larger attack surface. With an ever-increasing threat landscape, the security challenge is constantly evolving and increasingly complex. Our expert strategic and technical advisors collaborate with you from beginning to end to:

  • Give you a clear view of the current state of your security
  • Recommend strategies to reduce risk and increase value from existing investments
  • Help ensure your environment, operational processes, and team are ready to respond
  • Help you respond quickly and remediate effectively to reduce the impact of a breach and get back to business

Strengthen Readiness and Response

Cisco Security Incident Response Service significantly strengthens your information security posture. Using the latest threat intelligence, our expert team engages with your team to develop strategies that align multiple layers of defense. We help organizations prepare, manage, respond to, and recover from incidents quickly and effectively.

Address Security Vulnerabilities

Cisco Custom Threat Intelligence Service combines information on your network flows and extensive sources of threat intelligence to uncover threats, malicious behavior, and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Cisco security experts analyze this information and provide detailed advice to mitigate and remediate threats. With custom threat intelligence, you gain the visibility and guidance you need to understand ongoing security incidents and safeguard your business.

Gain Threat Visibility

Cisco Threat Awareness Service uses Cisco's deep network expertise and advanced threat intelligence to provide visibility into potential threats.This service observes inbound and outbound network activity from an external vantage point for easy and non-invasive deployment. Accessible through a web portal, our service helps organizations of any size increase threat awareness without prohibitive cost and complexity.

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