Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 Series

Registering an MCU/IP VCR/IP GW with a V2IU Gatekeeper

How do I register a Cisco TelePresence MCU / IP VCR / IP GW with a V2IU Gatekeeper?

To register a Cisco TelePresence MCU, IP VCR or IP Gateway with a V2IU gatekeeper, follow these steps:

  1. On the V2IU:
    1. Go to VoIP ALG > H.323 and set the Gatekeeper mode to Embedded gatekeeper mode.
    2. Go to H.323 prefixes and add any prefixes and the address of the unit they should be routed to.
  2. On the MCU/IP VCR/IP GW go to Settings > Gatekeeper and:
    1. Set H.323 gatekeeper usage to Enabled.
    2. For H.323 gatekeeper address enter the address of your V2IU.
    3. For Gatekeeper registration type select Terminal / Gateway (if you are not registering prefixes) or Gateway (if you are registering prefixes).
    4. Leave Prefix for MCU registrations, Prefix for IP VCR registrations or Prefix for IP GW registrations blank.
    5. For H.323 ID to register enter the identifier for your unit.
    6. For MCU service prefix enter the prefix for your unit, if any.
    7. Click Apply changes to register your unit with the V2IU.

This article applies to the following products:

  • Cisco TelePresence IP GW 3500 / MSE IPGW blade
  • Cisco TelePresence IP VCR 2200 / MSE VCR blade
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 / MSE 8420
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500
  • Cisco TelePresence MSE 8510 blade

April 13th, 2011 TAA_KB_52