Cisco 300 Series

Hierarchical Navigation

Interface Settings

In Layer 2, DHCP Relay and Snooping can only be enabled on VLANs with IP addresses.

In Layer 3, DHCP Relay and Snooping can be enabled on any interface with an IP address and on VLANs with or without an IP address.

To enable DHCP Snooping/Relay on specific interfaces:

  1. Click IP Configuration > IPv4 Management and Interfaces > DHCP Snooping/ Relay > Interface Settings.
  2. To enable DHCP Relay or DHCP Snooping on an interface, click ADD.
  3. Select the interface and the features to be enabled: DHCP Relay or DHCP Snooping.
  4. Click Apply. The settings are written to the Running Configuration file.