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Station Information and Status

MAC Address - A unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer.
- The name assigned to the bridge.
IP Address
- The bridge's IP address.
- The type of station.
- The type and model number of the bridge.
Software Version
- The version of the software that is installed on the bridge.
- The operational state of the station. The possible states are Associated or Association Processing.
- Which bridge is the parent to this bridge.
SSID - The unique identifier that client devices use to associate with the access point.
- Which VLAN this client device belongs to.
Hops to Infrastructure
- The number of bridges between this station and the network infrastructure.
Last Activity
- How many seconds since the bridge was last active.
Current Rate
- The current data transmission rate.
Encryption -
The encryption that has been used.
Supported Rates
- What transmission rates are supported in both the access point and the station.
Communication Over Interface
- The network port over which the access point is communicating.
Signal Strength
- The current radio signal quality.
Connected For
- How many seconds the client device has been connected with the access point.
Signal Quality -
The percentage of signal quality that is good. If this percentage is low, the station may be on the fringe of the coverage area and should be moved closer to the access point.
Activity Timeout
- The total time that can elapse after the last data receipt before the bridge presumes the client device has been turned off.

Receive/Transmit Statistics

Total Packets Input - The number of good packets coming to the station.
Total Packets Output
- The number of good packets sent from the station.
Total Bytes Input
- The number of good bytes coming to the station.
Total Bytes Output
- The number of good bytes sent from the station.
Duplicates Received - The number of duplicated packets that have been received.
Maximum Data Retries - The maximum number of times the data packet had to be retried.
Decrypt Errors - The total number of encryption errors sent from the station.
Maximum RTS Retries - The maximum number of times the RTS packet had to be retried.
MIC Failed - The number of times message integrity check (MIC) has failed.
MIC Missing - The number of message integrity checks (MICs) that are missing.

Click Clear to clear all packet and error counts and reset the counters to zero.

Click Deauthenticate for the client to deauthenticate from the access point.