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Orchestration and Automation Solutions

Automate services and delight your customers

Imagine if you had the software and a ready-to-go programmable infrastructure that helps you easily create new services. What if you could launch them in a fraction of the time and cost it takes now? Imagine too if your customers had a simple way to order your services online and get them in minutes.

Cut your customer acquisition costs. Free your network engineers and others to create valuable applications and services in bold new ways.

Your answer to network services automation

We can help you do it, now. We have the software building blocks and the programmable infrastructure you need to:

  • Automate your service delivery
  • Launch new services rapidly
  • Slash your network operations costs

Our tools to build your network services automation

Our products and solutions are based on an open network architecture and support your multi- vendor environment. Build on them and innovate as you need. Principal technologies include:

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Model Driven Telemetry
  • Multi-vendor Orchestration

Together, these can help transform your network operations and your business.


Automate services on your multivendor network and deploy new services quickly.


Automate data center network provisioning for virtual and physical infrastructure.

Manage the lifecycle of your Virtual Network Functions and provide business-class services.


Bring mobile services to market more quickly and cut costs with automation.


View in real-time what’s going on in your network with model-driven telemetry.

WAN optimization

Automate everyday tasks and improve network performance.

Device operation

Get more agile with automated device operations and proactive assurance.


Deliver high quality offers with our implementation expertise and guidance.


Empower your team with the critical data when and where they need it