Session Shifting

View Video on Any Device

Differentiate your services with session shifting capabilities that let users start watching a video on one device, and resume viewing the same video on another device.

Cisco Session Shifting Gives Subscribers Control over Content, Anywhere, Anytime
With Cisco Session Shifting, you can deliver uninterrupted video experiences that adapt to your subscriber’s lives and schedules, so they do not have to be in the right place at the right time to view the content they want.

Session Shifting lets subscribers start watching an on-demand video on one device, and resume watching the same video from the exact same point on another device – all with the touch of a button. Each time a session is restarted, the Session Shifting service automatically reformats the content for the device being used.

Here is an example of how Session Shifting works. A subscriber can start watching a movie on her living room TV in the evening, and pause it when she goes to bed. The next morning, she can continue viewing it from her mobile device on the train to work. At lunchtime, she can finish watching it from the PC in her office.

Session Shifting is provided by the Cisco Content Delivery System (CDS), the comprehensive Cisco solution for storing and streaming content anywhere, anytime, for any device. This solution lets you deliver a unique media experience that strengthens customer loyalty and helps differentiate your service from competitors.

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