Service Acceleration Programs

The Cisco Service Provider Service Acceleration Programs are available to Cisco Powered Network program members and other pre-qualified service providers. These programs play three pivotal roles, helping key service provider customers:

  • Identify, create, differentiate, and deploy profitable leading-edge managed services such as IP VPNs, IP communications, security, and high-speed business and residential Internet access

  • Accelerate end-user demand for these new services by creating joint marketing plans and executing direct marketing campaign deliverables

  • Optimize business and market planning through the sharing of best practices that are central to Cisco's success

Service Acceleration programs include:

Service Identification and Creation
A combination of the Services Planning and Service Definition teams, this group ensures Cisco is focused on building products and solutions on which our service provider customers can quickly deploy profitable data services. By engaging with customer product and marketing management, we can help identify strategic roadmaps and the key new, differentiated services that they can offer existing customers and prospects to drive new revenue. Additionally, the Service Identification and Creation team leverages Cisco's in-depth understanding of the enterprise and small- and medium-sized business segments in helping service providers deliver services that their end customers truly want.

The Service Identification and Creation team helps service provider partners plan and define new services that drive new revenue streams to their business. To help move a service to market more quickly and more profitably, the service creation resource works with the service provider partner to explore which service possibilities makes the most sense for the marketplace, identify service provider partner requirements, assess the strengths and challenges that exist in taking the service to market, put the definition process into the context of an overall business plan, carefully weigh service features and benefits to ensure that a truly differentiated offering goes to market, and comprehensively document the newly defined service in a marketing services description (MSD) that becomes the property of the partner.

To find out more information on how to engage with the Service Identification and Creation program please contact your Cisco Account Manager.

Joint Marketing
The Cisco Systems Service Provider Service Acceleration organization offers strategic insight and close collaboration to help service providers increase customer loyalty, expand qualified prospect leads, reduce the cost of sales and drive new revenue. As the leading supplier of networking and Internet-based solutions to businesses worldwide, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help service providers win in today's market environment.

Service provider customers that are launching new Cisco-based services may be eligible for a custom joint marketing (formerly JumpStart) consulting engagement that includes in-depth strategic and tactical help in driving qualified leads and new revenue. This program has helped launch hundreds of new services running end-to-end on a Cisco Powered Network.

Contact your Cisco account manager about your eligibility.