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See how Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) can boost your competitive edge. (4:26 min)

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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud software delivers the critical foundational layer for holistically deploying and managing cloud-based services.

Improve IT Agility with Cloud Management

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud can help enable highly secure, on-demand, and automated IT operations for cloud computing. It offers policy-based controls for provisioning virtual and physical resources. This software solution improves agility, flexibility, and speed with:

  • A self-service portal
  • An orchestration engine
  • Advanced cloud management capabilities

On-Demand Provisioning and Automation

Whether for test and development or production workloads, effective cloud management starts with self-service and automation. Users can order what they need from a menu of standard options in an intuitive portal interface. IT can enables on-demand provisioning of application and infrastructure requests within minutes, instead of weeks. Administrators can control and track each service, from initial request to decommissioning.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) provides these capabilities and more, with cloud management that scales with your organization's strategic roadmap. Use Cisco IAC for a range of implementations:

  • From test and development to production workloads
  • From an initial pilot to large-scale enterprise-wide initiatives
  • For private, public, or hybrid cloud deployments

Solution Benefits

Easy-to-Use Portal and Service Catalog

Enables self-service of comprehensive solutions from a list of standardized menus.


Users stay informed of of the status and limits of resources assigned to them. This includes lifecycle management to control consumption.

Enhanced Control

Administrators have greater control with discovery and visibility, and the ability to make real-time changes.

Simplified Provisioning

Included functionality for network services management can simplify the provisioning of complex network environments.

Configuration Tools

Prebuilt automation packs and tools for configuring services and workflows speed time to deployment and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Unified Cloud Management and Orchestration

This powerful solution complements the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) as well as other Cisco and non-Cisco products and partner technology solutions. So while the software is optimized for Cisco architectures, it can be integrated with your organization's existing systems, service management tools, operational processes, and infrastructure from multiple vendors.

By partnering with Cisco for your cloud deployment, your organization will benefit from a unified cloud management platform that delivers increased speed, responsiveness, user satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

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