Service Provider Case Study: K-Opticom Corporation

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Customized Plans for Mobile Subscribers

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Customized Plans for Mobile Subscribers

K-Opticom Corporation made the decision to enter the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market and offer mobile services in Japan. K-Opticom turned to Cisco solutions to help optimize its subscriber satisfaction, manage the growth of its offerings, and take advantage of future opportunities.


  • Be attentive to each user’s needs, providing and managing customized plans
  • Offer additional services, such as data sharing with family and rollover of unused data
  • Achieve massive scale and performance with flexibility and intelligence


  • Cisco Policy Suite for Service Providers


  • Built an infrastructure to support as many as 1 million mobile subscribers
  • Can now accurately manage mobile policies for an array of plans and services
  • Introduced data service plans as low as one-third the price of what larger competitors charge
  • Has the flexibility to easily offer new services and the ability to share and extend data quotas
Cisco Policy Suite is providing the environment in which we can serve the customer the very best way.
- Yoshihiro Matsumoto,
General Manager, Technology Planning and Development Group, K-Opticom