Personal Content Sharing

Create and Share Media Securely Across Devices

Learn how you can improve customer satisfaction by letting subscribers easily store, manage, and share their personal media on any TV or device.

Let Customers Easily Share More Content
Using Cisco home networking solutions, Cisco Personal Content Sharing helps consumers break down the barriers between media devices. Subscribers can share recorded TV shows, photos, music, and user-generated video. Cisco Personal Content Sharing:

  • Unlocks different types of content from specific devices in the home
  • Delivers new home media experiences through home networking

With Cisco Personal Content Sharing, consumers can easily store, manage, and share home media on multiple devices. Within minutes, they can record a personal video, upload it to the home networking gateway, and view it on an HDTV or handheld device.

Create differentiated new services and strengthen customer relationships. Cisco Personal Content Sharing includes:

  • Cisco IP Services Gateways
  • Cisco Network Magic software
  • Cisco HD Whole Home DVR set-tops

Cisco DRG2800 Series IP Services Gateway
Deliver the very latest home media experiences with a complete solution for high-speed Internet access, wired and wireless home networking, and file and data storage.

Network Magic Home Networking Software
Let subscribers quickly and easily connect, secure, troubleshoot, and enjoy home networks.

Cisco HD Whole Home DVR Set-Tops
Offer IP in-home connectivity to support HD whole home DVR services through multiple options, such as Multimedia over Coax Alliance, Home Phoneline Networking Alliance, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.