A network that stays ahead of business

Proactive Control keeps you one step ahead in controlling every aspect of your business. It helps you optimize the network to realize efficiency gains, control application delivery to offer a superior customer experience, and stop security threats in their tracks. In a mass-scale world, Proactive Control isn’t an option. It’s essential because your customers live in the real world, and they need proactive solutions to protect them.

Proactive control down to the individual network slice

Using standards-based, model-driven programmability, you can drive intent consistently across all devices. You can optimize service delivery across the entire network and gain control down to the individual network slice with recall capabilities that can be safely backed out if necessary.

Make change automatic

Proactive Control from Cisco can help you automate complex and large-scale network changes, even across thousands of devices. It increases operational efficiency and minimizes human error. It keeps your network on the cutting edge, always.

Act. Don’t react.

Maintaining or updating your network can be extremely complicated. Staying current with required changes is essential to guard against new security threats, maintain SLAs, and tap into sources of revenue. Proactive Control makes it automatic.

Realize the benefits of proactive control

Increase in operational efficiency1

Faster time to repair1

Reduced time to revenue1

1.The Business Benefits of Automation and Orchestration, Cisco, 2016.

Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

- Multi-vendor network orchestration

- Northbound and southbound control


- Precise network modeling

- Optimize network traffic

Health Insights and Change Automation

- Immediate network health analysis

- Closed-loop and automated remediation

Situation Manager

- Live alert monitoring

- Noise reduction and alert grouping

The key to simplifying complex networks

It's massive and probably built on technology from multiple vendors. And it may rely on a legacy infrastructure. These factors make it harder to keep up with the competition.

Mitigate risk.

Reduce manual errors.

Improve customer experience.

Perform on schedule or on demand.

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