Sedona NetFusion is now Crosswork Hierarchical Controller

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Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller

Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller simplifies network operations of complex multilayer and multivendor infrastructure.

End-to-end service orchestration and assurance

Crosswork Hierarchical Controller empowers operations with speed to orchestrate services and automate assurance across a converged network. Immediately see improved economics to operate multilayer, multivendor networks with 85% increased speed to deliver services and 62% savings in total cost of ownership.

Multivendor support and control

Control multivendor IP, optical, and microwave equipment to create consistent services across your network infrastructure.

Multidomain and multilayer abstraction and control

Orchestrate and troubleshoot transport services across any combination of packet, optical, and microwave domains.

Single view for operations

Simplify operations with a complete real-time visualization of the transport network, services, and associated SLAs.

Analysys Mason: Role of Automation in Converged SDN Transport

Read Analysys Mason’s view on the essential need for automation and orchestration in converged SDN transport networks.

Appledore Research: Crosswork Hierarchical Controller Benefits Analysis

Learn more about real-world, quantified CapEx and OpEx savings and improved customer experience that Service Providers can achieve with Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller, validated in a new economic and ROI analysis study by Appledore Research.

What the industry is saying

"Intelligent automation is a pre-requisite for CSPs to remain profitable and relevant. Without it, 5G and edge service will be operationally more expensive. Cisco Crosswork Hierarchical Controller enables this automation."

- Francis Haysom, Principal Analyst, Appledore Research

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation

Simplify network operations by bringing together visibility, insights, and action to deliver closed-loop automation.

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