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Cisco Crosswork Network Automation

Transforming Mass Scale Network Operations

Plan, implement, operate, monitor and optimize your Service Provider Network Automation and gain the mass awareness, augmented intelligence and proactive control for data driven, outcome based network automation.

Transform your network with

Health Insights & Change Automation

  • Open application ecosystem
  • Centralized data source and processing
  • Cross-domain management

Situation Manager

  • Event correlation
  • Social troubleshooting
  • Machine learning for MTTR reduction

Network Insights

  • Hosted application service
  • Analysis, visualization and alerting on events
  • Assess routing health
  • Determine network stability

Crosswork News and Blogs

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Cisco Crosswork Health Insights

Transforming your network with automation

Change the way you operate your network by embracing the mass awareness, augmented intelligence, and Proactive Control from within.

Begin transforming your network today

Engage with Cisco Services to help you transform your infrastructure into a more powerful, intelligent, automated, and secure network.