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Cisco completes the acquisition of Sedona Systems, a leader in simplification of automated network operations.

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Cisco Crosswork Network Automation

Modernize network operations

Crosswork Network Automation increases visibility of your infrastructure, providing valuable insights so you can take proactive actions. The end result: simplified network operations, faster service delivery, and improved experiences for your end customers.

Simplify network automation

Crosswork Network Automation is a closed-loop, outcome-driven software suite used to deliver efficient mass-scale network operations across the services lifecycle. This is a scalable solution for operators of all-sized networks to accelerate mean-time-to-value by monetizing agile new services and minimizing mean-time-to-remediation to proactively prevent customer impacting issues.

Economic benefits from Crosswork Network Automation


Faster time to service


OpEx savings


TCO savings

Autonomous network operations

Scale and dynamically adapt in the operations of a multivendor, multidomain network. Leverage a turnkey solution to see results faster using a software-defined approach to manage infrastructure.

Network Controller

Turnkey solution to provision, maintain, and optimize intent-based, multivendor network services using a common user interface and API.

Hierarchical Controller

(Formerly Sedona NetFusion)

Extends routed optical networking into multilayer and multivendor environments.

Optimization Engine

Provides real-time network optimization to maximize network utility and improve customer experiences.

Health Insights and Change Automation

Check network health against key performance indicators with automated, closed-loop remediation.

Cloud enhanced operations

Crosswork Cloud is a powerful addition to any network operations using always-on, always-up to date, SaaS-based services to help improve routing health, increase network visibility, maintain trustworthy infrastructure, and generate network traffic insights.

Network Insights

Network routing analysis to maintain routing health by monitoring for route leaks and hijacks.

Traffic Analysis

Visualize, analyze, and optimize network traffic at distributed peering points to improve customer experience.

Trust Insights

Gain operational visibility to preserve the trustworthiness of your network infrastructure.

Foundations for network operations

All network operations require foundational tools in orchestration, data collection and telemetry, device element management, and network planning.

Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

Multivendor, multidomain network orchestration with programmable controls.

Evolved Programmable Network Manager

Simplified, multilayer element management for converged packet and optical networks.

WAN Automation Engine

Precise network modeling and optimization of network traffic.

Data Gateway

Common multiservice data collector with integrated data policy controls.

Expanding Crosswork Network Automation with partners

Cisco DevNet SolutionsPlus Partners extend automation use cases and offer the assurance of fully validated "Cisco Compatible" products. Purchase directly from Cisco sales teams and channel partners.

Accedian Skylight for Cisco network automation

Accedian Skylight with Cisco Crosswork delivers exceptional customer experience with real-time orchestrated service assurance.

Vitria VIA AIOps for Cisco network automation

Vitria VIA AIOps enhances Crosswork's network assurance portfolio by detecting and resolving incidents faster across service domains.

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