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Cisco Crosswork Essentials and Advantage Suites Data Sheet

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Updated:February 8, 2022

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Updated:February 8, 2022


A simpler and easier way to get the automation tools your need for your network.

Product overview

Cisco Crosswork® Network Automation is a portfolio of tools designed to give your organization the ability to move quickly and precisely in this dynamic business and technical environment. The portfolio is built around three operational capabilities:


Establish ground truth regarding what is happening in the network, a view of the current state of devices, and the ability to verify customer experience


Apply analytics to gathered data to identify trends and patterns both for planning and problem resolution


Automate operational processes, provide programmatic control of infrastructure, and reduce the latency of end-to-end workflows

Crosswork is designed with modern low/no-touch operations in mind. It is multivendor and multidomain, centered on both programmatic infrastructure control and access to operational and state data, and spans both cloud/SaaS and on-premises tooling. The tools in the portfolio encompass the full-service lifecycle and deliver a closed operational loop that includes planning and design, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and assurance.

While elements of the Crosswork portfolio can be licensed individually, to simply designing and deploying automation, Crosswork is also available packaged in two suite options. These suites group tools that share a common purpose and also provide the advantage of lower licensing costs than if you purchased tools individually.

Crosswork Automation Pillars

Figure 1.               

Crosswork Automation Pillars

Features and benefits

Crosswork Suite



  Focused on automating full device lifecycle
  Incudes out-of-the-box use cases for common activities
  Aligned to the needs of teams that own and manage infrastructure


  Advanced tooling for complex automation, cross-domain workflows, visualization, analysis
  Aligned to the needs of the teams that own process automation and end-to-end workflows

Suite components

Crosswork Essentials suite

As noted earlier, the Essentials suite is designed for infrastructure operations teams to fully automate the Cisco device lifecycle, providing the tooling for device turn-up, config and operating system management, and monitoring and audit. It includes the following three components:

     Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) along with the Network Element Drivers for Cisco IOS® XE, IOS XE, and NX OS

     The Essentials edition Evolved Programmable Network Manager (EPNM)

     Cisco Data Gateway

Crosswork Advantage suite

The Advantage suite is designed for teams’ orchestration workflows for their organization. It includes advanced tooling for multivendor support, complex workflows, multidomain automation, visualization, and analytics. The key components of the Advantage suite are:

     All NSO NEDs for both Cisco devices and third-party devices

     The Advantage edition of EPNM

     Crosswork Network Controller (CNC)

     Crosswork Hierarchical Controller (HCO)

     WAN Automation Engine (WAE)

     All the components of the Essentials suite

Crosswork Essential


Crosswork Essentials and Advantage are sold as suites. Customers interested in individual applications from the suite should consider a la carte options for each of the applications.

The licensing of the Crosswork Automation suites is based on three factors:

1.     A flat annual fee that grants you access (Right to Use or RTU) to the base application software included in the suite

2.     A per-device Right-To-Manage (RTM) fee

3.     1-year to 5-year term contracts

Product sustainability

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are not enough—Cisco continues to transform the way that products are made and managed throughout their lifecycles. Cisco is committed to designing and managing its products and packaging for reuse, repair, and resource efficiency.

Implementing automation and orchestration tools with Crosswork reduces the need for truck rolls and, consequently, emissions. ASIC breakthroughs, right-sizing of the network, and streamlining operations contribute to power efficiency gains of more than 60% and reduce the total carbon footprint of your business.

System requirements

Installation requirements for each Crosswork Essentials and Advantage component are available in the respective individual product data sheets or the installation guides available on www.cisco.com/go/crosswork.

Ordering information

Contact your Cisco account representative for details on how to order Cisco Crosswork Essentials and Advantage.

Warranty information

Cisco Crosswork is covered by the following warranty: www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/warranties/warranty-doc-c99-740613.html.

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Learn more

For more information on Cisco’s network automation portfolio for service providers, please visit www.cisco.com/go/crosswork, or to schedule a demonstration, contact your Cisco sales representative.

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