Go from narrow vision to mass awareness

Every network is teeming with data, but most of it is out of sight and not actionable. With Cisco Crosswork, you can see precisely what’s happening in your network and the data associated with it. Using Crosswork, you get more than visibility. You get mass awareness, which makes real, meaningful automation possible.

Mass awareness fixes what others can’t see

Data is at the heart of automation. Without knowing exactly what your network is doing, you’re flying blind. Cisco Crosswork combines the open APIs of Network Service Orchestrator with the new Data Platform and Network Automation modules. It translates across vendors to enable direct connection for specific tasks and integrates with model-driven, streaming telemetry. This includes both physical and virtual infrastructure to deliver across the entire network.

With mass awareness, see all of everything

Go from half awareness to mass awareness.

Leverage the power of Cisco Crosswork

The single source of truth uses mass awareness at its source.

How mass awareness works

Mass Awareness brings scale and organization to your network visibility so you get more insight in near real time.

✔ Standardized and easily consumed network telemetry

✔ Model driven for scale within organization

✔ Data normalized in open-source formats for multivendor environments

Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

- Multi-vendor network orchestration

- Northbound and southbound control

Data Gateway

- Common multi-service data collector

- Integrated data policy controls

Cisco Crosswork, the first closed-loop, mass scale automation solution that embraces multi-vendor networks.