Mobile Internet Monetization

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See how you can boost revenue by partnering with mobile content providers and advertisers. (2:22)

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Drive New Revenues with Personalized Mobile Services

Integrate subscriber knowledge with network and application intelligence in real time to offer innovative, revenue-generating Mobile Internet Applications and Services. Cisco IP Next-Generation mobile Network (IP NGmN) enables you to:

  • Add mobile data services revenue beyond flat-rate mobile data subscriptions
  • Quickly increase capacity and services to meet accelerating demands
  • Establish profitable new business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) revenue models
  • Entering new, growing markets such as cloud services and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications

Cisco's solutions, platforms, and technologies provide you a scalable, standards-based intelligent IP architecture that features these capabilities and more:

  • Integrated intelligent services that allow real-time management of networks and services by subscriber and application
  • Dynamic policy control to efficiently optimize network resources and deliver personalized services
  • Comprehensive analysis, trending, and reporting tools providing network visibility for planning infrastructure investments

Cisco solutions for mobile monetization help you generate more revenue than you ever thought possible.

Reap more income from subscribers as well as venue owners, enterprises, content providers, and application developers, not to mention advertising networks, advertisers, and publishers. Deliver next-generation services fast. Take full advantage of your network data to create innovative service models with new partners.

See the At-a-Glance list below for some of the use cases that Cisco has validated, trialed, and deployed with global mobile operators.

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