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Cisco Telco Solutions

Transforming mass scale network operations

Plan, implement, operate, monitor, and optimize your telco network and gain the mass awareness, augmented intelligence, and proactive control for data driven, outcome based network automation.

Telco provider products, solutions, and services

Today telcos demand more than just packaged solutions. They need simplicity and want more visibility and granular control.

Faster time to market, with reduced churn, and increased availability.

Telco 5G

New technologies. New services. New revenue streams. 5G holds the promise to change everything. But you have to get there first.

Telco Cloud Solutions

Transform your Service Edge. Open new markets and grow revenues by building your Telco Cloud with proven technology and a trusted partner.

Telco use cases & case studies

NTT DATA expands to new bases

NTT DATA was able to seamlessly respond to different connection needs at each of its shared networks using SD-WAN for real-time visibility, stable operations, and continuous support.

Bendigo Telco case study

Bendigo Telco needed a multi-cloud environment to respond to their customer’s networking demands and still agile enough to beat their competition.

Backhaul evolution for 5G

The backhaul fabric is the first implementation of segment routing in many service provider networks.

Boost network flexibility

With Cisco’s Network as a Service (NaaS), you can adjust to service needs as they emerge.

Private LTE use case

Private LTE deployed in industrial and business critical markets is expected to generate nearly $70 billion in estimated smart systems revenue by 2023

Why migrate your TDM network?

Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) has been in service for a long time and it’s not going away anytime soon. 

Aspider-NGI case study for IoT

Growing new revenue streams with IoT

LG U+ delivers 5G services in Korea

LG U+ looks to introduce more diversified and innovative services using Cisco ACI.

More telco infrastructure

The cornerstone for carrier edge networks, Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers run Cisco IOS XR software.

More telco automation

Drive your success with network automation, orchestration, and programmable infrastructure solutions.

Telco 5G premium mobile services

New Cisco® Premium Mobile Services provides a synchronized and coordinated series of automatic and premium service delivery for applications.