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The Connected Life at Home

Strengthen Customer Relationships

The Cisco Connected Life platform can help service providers unlock new revenue streams.

The Connected Life is emerging. Consumers want multiple services on demand, and expect services to be accessible anywhere. Service providers are looking to expand services to increase average revenue per user (ARPU), and differentiate offerings from over-the-top (OTT) competitors. Find out how Cisco technology can help you benefit from Connected Life services.

Cisco hardware and software gives you a flexible, dependable foundation to launch Connected Life services. Our offering includes an open, standards-based software framework that:

  • Uses customer premises equipment (CPE) and cloud components
  • Supports development of exciting new apps that your customers can use inside or outside the home
  • Can integrate smoothly with third-party services and applications


Improve Simplicity and Flexibility

Cisco Connected Life services also provide:

  • Superior management tools that help simplify service delivery. You can to roll out new services quickly and smoothly, and increase subscriber satisfaction.
  • Flexible hardware options based on service level needs. You can deploy everything from purpose-built CPE to home broadband and unified gateways that support connected home services.

With Cisco Connected Life, you can bring together applications and services that go beyond video, data, and voice. This will help you unlock new revenue streams and strengthen customer relationships.


Offer Dynamic Lifestyle Experiences

Cisco provides a platform for a broad range of services across the digital home. With the Connected Life, you can deliver dynamic lifestyle experiences that enrich subscribers' lives. Customers can:

  • Control security services for the home or office from anywhere
  • Manage thermostats, solar panels, and other energy equipment on the move
  • Support eHealth and Telehealth applications like assisted living and fitness tracking


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