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Model-Driven Telemetry

Discover a new way to monitor your network

Gain a real-time view of what’s going on in your network. Embrace model-driven telemetry. And put Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) into the past. 

Model-driven telemetry inherits the power of models, making it easier to define, consume, and subscribe to the data you want. By modeling that data with YANG, model-driven telemetry can ensure that those vast quantities of data are truly usable.

Beginner content

Discover why you should care about model-driven telemetry.

SNMP is widely used for monitoring networks but suffers from many limitations. Learn more about these limitations.

Learn the basics of Model-Driven Telemetry

Intermediate content

Eager to start using Model Driven Telemetry in your network? Read our configuration guide.

Multiple encodings are at your disposal to stream data out of your network devices. Google Protocol Buffer (GPB) is one of them. Learn more about this encoding schema.

See Model-Driven Telemetry in action. Watch a demo.

Get insight into 10 lessons learned from telemetry.

Expert content

Get your hands dirty. Access the lab on dCloud.

You want to dive deep into the technology and be ready to implement it in your network with hands-on expertise. Go and check these resources.