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Automate your network operations

Upgrade to model-driven programmability to bring your network automation capabilities to the next level.

Model-driven programmability inherits the power of models, making it easier to configure routers. It overcomes drawbacks posed by traditional router management techniques.

The solution lies in using data models – a programmatic and standards-based way of writing configurations to any network device. Use it to replace the process of manual configuration and implement YANG as the de-facto data modeling language.

Beginner content

Discover what model-driven programmability is and how it benefits users.

Get further insight into model-driven programmability.

Intermediate content

Eager to start using model-driven programmability in your network? Read our configuration guide.

Tools are available to make device programmability easier. Register to watch this video to learn more about the YANG Development Kit and Python.

Expert content

Get your hands dirty. Access the lab on dCloud.

Discover how the YANG Development Kit (YDK) facilitates network programmability using data models. Join the community.

Find out more about YDK-Py, the Python APIs generated from a variety of YANG models.

Get your hands dirty. Try the hundreds of YDK-Py samples and the sandbox.

Fastrack your learning by reading some tutorials.