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Cloud-Scale Networking Powered By Cisco IOS XR

With Cloud-Scale Networking you gain...

Total automation

Automate onboarding of devices to minutes. Simplify configuration and management of network infrastructure.  Make use of data models.

Visibility and control

Extract the information you need from network infrastructure. Control how your network transports apps for better customer experience.


Benefit from modular Cisco IOS XR with Linux-style operations. Simplify network designs. Operate in SDN or hybrid SDN designs.

Open innovation

Deploy any third-party app from the Linux ecosystem and extend software with a powerful set of APIs. 

What's inside Cloud-Scale Networking

Network Convergence System

Gain density for metro and high-scale WAN aggregation, and data center interconnect.

Segment Routing

Simplify and scale your network infrastructure and make it easy to operate. Prepare the network for new business models where applications can direct network behavior. Make your network infrastructure SDN-ready with segment routing.

Model-driven programmability

Network operators can use this technology to deploy and manage hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of complex network devices. Scale down your admin-to-device ratio and benefit from OpEx savings.

Model-driven telemetry

This is your first step in a journey that will transform how you monitor and operate networks. Move away from SNMP limitations and extract all the relevant information at very high frequency. With the power of telemetry, you’ll discover things you never imagined and begin to ask more and better questions.

Application hosting

An extensible software solution can support application hosting. You can run third-party apps, or ones you’ve built yourself, on your platform. You can also reuse apps you’ve already developed, and easily enable and disable apps on a node.

Software packaging and management

Speed up feature adoption and compress testing cycles with software modularity. Asynchronous upgrades, RPM packet management, and automatic dependency management make your software management simple.


Work directly with Cisco professionals certified in a broad range of Cisco products, service provider architectures, and advanced technologies. 

Innovate with Cloud-Scale Networking

See how software and hardware innovations can prepare your network for cloud-scale.

Keep pace with data traffic growth

See how new software innovations can help. 

Make your network infrastructure SDN-ready

Read Heavy Reading white paper aboutwhy you should consider rolling out Segment Routing in your infrastructure.