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Cisco Connected Roadways

What makes us unique

Cisco Connected Roadways provides an end-to-end, highly secure network, from vehicles to roadways to surrounding infrastructure. You can automate actions, such as compliance standards and roadway signage, through our Kinetic technology. We've tested and validated each aspect of the solution with our Cisco Validated Designs to help you reduce deployment risk.

Connected Roadways solutions

Upgrade your existing network one segment at a time or all at once to create a single end-to-end converged network.

Understand the roles that vehicles will play in the future.

Reduce traffic congestion and save lives.

Learn how Cisco can connect street lights, parking meters, buildings, and more with embedded services routers and switches.

See how it all comes together

Use the portfolio explorer to discover our solutions to see how you can use our technology for Roadways.

Roadways modern architecture

Architecture showcasing the business use cases of Connected Roadways.

Product-focused Architecture

A more product-focused architecture for vehicles, roads, and infrastructure.

Case studies

Austria builds a nationwide network

"By connecting roads and drivers, we can get people the information they need for a smoother and safer drive."

-Bernd Datler, Managing Director, tolling company at ASFINAG

Alaska Dept. of Transportation

"With Cisco Instant Connect the ADOT&PF was able to deploy a truly unified and connected land mobile radio, telephonic, and administrative network."

-Jeff Russell, Dalton Area Superintendent

Central elements of success

OT Security

Prevent data breaches and attacks along every IoT sensor deployed.

Cisco Validated Designs

See how we test our products in real-world scenarios to minimize your deployment risk.

Cisco Kinetic

Learn how you can manage multiple IoT devices and automate actions by computing data securely at the edge.

News and events

A roadmap for transportation

Tech Target discusses what you need to know about transportation to prepare for the future.

5 transportation predictions

Cisco's Kyle Connor shares the "new oil" for transportation and why mobility as a service (MaaS) will rise dramatically.

3 types of IoT partner you need

Maciej Kranz from Cisco sheds light on how an IoT partner ecosystem can help you build a faster tomorrow.

The future connected commute

Cisco's Barry Einsig gives his vision for how people will travel safer, better, and more efficiently in 10 years.

Funding transportation projects

Learn about grants for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) projects and how to win one.

How Cisco drives IoT forward

Find out what is inhibiting IoT growth and what Cisco is doing to advance it.