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Cisco Kinetic for Cities Urban Mobility

Always moving

People thrive more at work and at play when they are not stuck in traffic. With the right solution, city agencies can improve routes for commuters and can guide long-term smart city growth. Get a holistic view of vehicle traffic and crowd patterns, using both historic and real-time data.

Urban Mobility improves…

Economic development

Gain insights about where and how people move around the city. Spur innovation and economic growth.

Infrastructure planning

Get a holistic view of city traffic to improve planning, including finding a starting point for autonomous vehicle adoption.

Traffic congestion

Decrease traffic by shortening commutes, integrating transit systems, and incentivizing public transportation.

Air quality

Shorten the time vehicles are on the road and ultimately reduce carbon emissions by improving traffic flow.

What you get with Urban Mobility

Crowd monitoring

Outdoor Wi-Fi and BLE beacons detect all devices in a given area to provide data analytics on density, movement, and dwell times.

Traffic analytics

Measure traffic volume per lane for up to six lanes with multidirection counting. Distinguish between trucks and cars. Get average speed of unique devices within 400 meters of the sensor.


In the operator dashboard, view statistics, notifications, sensor health, and advanced nodes. Manage policies for traffic lights and sensor groupings.

Mobility application

Through the Mobility app, get analytics for policy and transport infrastructure management to aid in decision making.

Explore ways to pay

Finance your smart city technology upgrade and make the most out of your IT budget.

DevNet for smart cities

Create new solutions, APIs, and reference apps for smart cities and communities.