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Cisco Smart Buildings

Cisco Smart Buildings

Buildings that intelligently adapt to meet your needs

Welcome to the fourth utility, where technology is as readily available as water, gas, and power.

Smart buildings provide the insights, analytics, and control you need to improve efficiencies in real time.

As it turns out, these smart buildings are really smart things to build.

It saves to go

With Cisco DNA Center, every connected system can be programmed for intelligence and efficiency, saving time and resources.


Smart environmental controls autoregulate building temperatures.


Buildings can sense vacancies and adjust for better efficiency


One management system simplifies your building oversight.


Internet of Things (IoT) anomalies can be autodiscovered and isolated to contain digital threats.


improved energy efficiency using DC power.


Buildings that intelligently adapt to meet your needs

Unprecedented flexibility

With 90 W Universal Power over Ethernet (UPOE+) available on Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches, floor plans are built around occupants, not power outlets.


You can deploy a greater variety of devices.


Connect them wherever needed for optimum agility.


reduction in electrical materials costs.

Healthier. Safer. Smarter.

Cisco DNA Spaces creates environments centered on your occupants’ well-being.


Smart workspaces can adjust to prioritize your users’ health and wellness


Insights into users’ behaviors on your network help you better meet their needs.


Sensors can monitor air quality and room capacities.


Rooms can be UV sterilized when not in use.

Go smart with Cisco.

You stand to gain a lot with smart building development. With time, your smart building’s capabilities
will only grow.

All you have to do is build one Contact Sales