Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration Program

Power an inclusive future by unlocking the value of digitization.

CDA Vision

Collaborating with government leaders to build sustainable, secure, and inclusive communities powered by ethical and innovative technology solutions.

What government officials are saying about CDA

"Cisco has helped the digital transformation in education by offering free video conferencing solutions to education institutions during these difficult times. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Cisco for its support and commitment to making the future bright through social investment in various areas such as IT talent cultivation. I expect IT companies like Cisco to closely work with public institutions and universities, creating synergy in fostering people-centered digital infrastructure. The government will spare no effort to provide support for it."

- Sye-Kyun Chung, Former Prime Minister, South Korea

"In these last months because of the pandemic, the elderly, especially if guests of RHFs, have had to live separated from their loved ones without meeting or embracing them. A necessary choice to protect them from the virus, but at the same time a source of great distress for them and their families, forced to see and talk to each other only through the small screen of a smartphone. Now thanks to the initiative and generosity of Cisco, Durante and Fondazione Amplifon, the meetings, although still remote, can take place on large and sharp screens with enhanced audio. It'll be almost like seeing each other and talking face to face.
I therefore thank these three companies for the gift made to the elderly and to our facilities. They have made a practical contribution in a very difficult period to improve the days of those who, at this moment, really are more fragile and alone."

- Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan

"I would like to express my sincere respect for Cisco's program to support digitalization around the world. In Japan, Cisco has been promoting a number of projects to support digitalization in areas such as IT talent development, network security, industry, government, education, and healthcare. This direction is exactly what we are aiming for."

- Takuya Hirai, Japan’s Minister of State for Digital Transformation, the Minister of State for the Social Security and Tax Number System and Minister in charge of Information Technology Policy

"It’s a very powerful solution designed for bringing full visibility into industrial control systems,” she said, “especially for that space where IT and OT converge. And on the operations side, they often don’t have a whole lot of visibility into what’s connecting and what’s not connecting or whether people have permission or access."

- Kristen Sanders, Chief Information Security Officer at the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority



More than 1000 active or completed projects


In 44 countries


Impacting 60 percent of the world's population


Contributing to 75 percent of global GDP

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Since its launch a year ago, our Cisco Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program in Australia has made tremendous impact harnessing innovation and digitization to propel economic growth and social inclusion.

Making transformation possible across verticals


Cisco helps governments evolve transportation, health, safety, and sustainability needs with trust and security.


Educators and Cisco power inclusive education--securely connecting students, campuses, and experiences.


Cisco helps healthcare organizations expand access to and deliver data-driven care and transform facilities.

Other industries

Power an inclusive future for all industries--helping industry leaders address key use cases with technology.

The CDA team

Francine Katsoudas , Chief People, Policy, and Purpose Officer

Guy Diedrich, VP, Global Innovation Officer

Ned Cabot, Director, Country Digitization AMERICAS

Chris Reeves, Director, Country Digitization, EMEAR

Josh Nakamura, Director, Country Digitization, APJC

Enrico Albertin, Director of Strategy and Operations

Saro Khatchadourian, Corporate Communications

Amy Poon, Analyst Relations