Smart+Connected Operations Center

Monitor an Entire City

Know what goes on in every neighborhood, minute by minute. (2:53 min)

Monitor an Entire City

Unified Management for Infrastructure


As cities strive to become more responsive to citizen needs, they turn to the flexibility of IP networks to work with converged voice, video, and data services. City operations centers typically gather multiple data and video feeds, which are displayed in monitoring areas and screens.

More and more cities now want a customized and integrated single-pane-of-glass view for these data sources. The Cisco Smart+Connected Operations Center displays sensor, map, and video data on a single layout. The solution lets workers control dynamic activities involving image processing, video feeds, data integration, and various alerts.

Unlike conventional operations management systems, the Cisco Smart+Connected Operations Center eliminates:

  • The need for numerous workstations to manage multiple data sources
  • Hardware reconfigurations when connecting with third-party systems (avoiding additional costs for hardware integration and programming as the system grows)
  • Bandwidth performance issues, specifically as the number of cameras increases

Value Proposition

The Cisco platform offers a unified experience for managing the infrastructure. It simplifies control room operations and system integration, reduces the total cost of ownership, and improves efficiency to support rapid decision making.

The solution’s end-to-end integrated platform and software synchronizes the control of high-resolution blueprints, images, streaming camera data, and system alerts, which allows for interaction between all relevant data in real time. The solution also:

  • Helps cut the total cost of ownership by avoiding the need to add hardware for CCTV system installation, expansion, and operation
  • Facilitates simple and accessible integration with other independent control systems
  • Reduces bandwidth use through the intelligent Pixel on Demand technology, which efficiently manages system resources and processes camera images with the highest resolutions