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Workforce Enablement Solutions

Build and retain an empowered digital workforce

Equip your workers with real-time data and alerts so they can quickly access the information they need and solve problems faster. Provide your workers with the tools they need to keep production running smoothly and easily adapt to your customers’ evolving demands.

What our solutions can do for you

Empower experts

Enable your experienced experts to assist and train plant operations

Improve OEE

Identify bottlenecks with immediate access into your entire production floor data rather than periodical assessments.

Reduce travel, increase safety

Create a mobile working environment where employees are not restricted by time and location.

Prevent downtime

Get automated system alerts so employees can simply log into the network and resolve problems fast.

Workforce enablement solutions

Industrial collaboration

Provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) wherever and whenever needed.

Remote experts

Get the critical information you need, when you need it, to ensure your operations run seamlessly without interruption.

Augmented reality

Implement hands free capabilities to monitor the factory, summon assistance, and solve problems in real-time.

Worker mobility

Build a smart workplace environment for optimized communication and collaboration while improving employee productivity and asset utilization.

Sub-Zero innovates with next generation collaboration

With this solution, we found a way to see and discuss very detailed video and images from afar in a highly secure manner. We are now using video collaboration on a daily basis to finalize designs, correct production line issues, work with suppliers, and train installers and servicers.

Paul Sikir, VP of Engineering, Sub-Zero

Partner with us to solve problems holistically

Realize the value of your technology through Cisco. Better anticipate industry changes, implement your technology, or secure your factory and reduce risk. Cisco can help you make the most of your connected solutions.