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Industrial Security Insights and Solutions

Tomorrow’s industrial security, today

Defend your factory with the Connected Factory Security suite of digital solutions to:

  • Protect intellectual property, plant assets, and production integrity with converged-access security products, technologies, and services
  • Unify security implementations for IT and operational technology (OT) environments

Bridge the gap between IT and OT

With Cisco manufacturing security solutions, IT stays in control. But OT team gets what they need, too. Discover how to bridge the gap between IT and OT.

A network that drives itself

Transform your manufacturing network for the digital era and detect threats faster, even in encrypted traffic.

Our most effective security yet

Link your infrastructure, machines, and people with our highly secure communication system.

Intent-based security for industrial networks

Every new asset you put on the network is another security consideration. Is your factory at risk?

Securing the path to digital manufacturing

Customers are beginning to track maintenance, performance, and real-time energy use with a new generation of predictive analytics. They use machine systems, plant-floor mobile apps, and hybrid cloud-based services to gain these insights. But they are likely exposing their industrial automation and control systems (IACS) to new security threats.

What if you could realize the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) while deploying a fully integrated and standardized suite of security tools?

Our Connected Factory Security suite addresses IACS security risks. It is designed to transform diverse manufacturing processes into a unified and highly secure communication system that links infrastructure, machines, and people.