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The Cisco Carrier Sensitive Route (CSR) Server is a software application that provides advanced, rules-based routing logic within a Cisco H.323 VoIP network. Targeted at the highly competitive wholesale voice marketplace, the Cisco CSR Server allows service providers to optimize the routing decisions within their network to fit their business needs. The routing decision within the Cisco CSR Server can be made based on:

  • Least cost
  • Best quality (QoS)
  • Time of day
  • Percent allocation to different carriers

In addition, the routing rules can combine several of these parameters in different orders to form flexible and powerful routing logic.

The Cisco CSR Server runs on the Solaris 2.8 operating system on top of reliable, carrier-grade Sun hardware platforms and works with the proven family of Cisco H.323 gatekeepers using the Gatekeeper Transaction Management Protocol (GKTMP). The Cisco CSR Server offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for day-to-day configuration and management tasks plus a Structured Query Language (SQL) interface and an open database schema for bulk provisioning of routing data and for integration with existing back office systems.

The Cisco CSR Server is an integral part of the Cisco Voice Infrastructure and Applications (VIA) Solution, giving service providers the power to customize their routing logic and to maximize the profitability of their networks.

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