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Cisco Security Enterprise License Agreement

Unlimited license consumption

Be more efficient and save money. Now you can get a single agreement to cover the purchase of software and subscription licenses that run on top of Cisco network infrastructure. The Security ELA simplifies purchasing, volume pricing, and deployment. And you get access to an array of our security technologies. We also offer flexible payment options.

Features and benefits

End-to-end protection

Protecting your organization with Cisco security is simple, open, automated, and effective. Protection starts in the cloud and goes all the way through the network to the endpoints with an industry-leading security portfolio.

Cost savings

A Cisco Security ELA costs less than an à la carte method of purchasing software. It provides for both organic and inorganic license growth as well as special pricing that is built into the ELA.

“All you can eat” solutions

Secure your network with our firewall and IPS solutions. Protect your workers from web and email threats with our email and web security products. Use our access control and endpoint security solutions to allow only authorized users and keep endpoints highly secure.

Simpler software deployment

Gain the flexibility to deploy on-premises software and cloud services at your own pace. License management is simpler because you get a single agreement for the whole company. Blanket coverage eliminates the need for ongoing audits.

Comprehensive support

The Security ELA covers licenses, support, and upgrades for application software and subscriptions. You also get feature licenses and software as a service. Support for hardware and virtual appliances, plus technical support, is provided by other Cisco services.

Vast offerings

The Cisco Security ELA entitles you to unlimited access to more than 100 security license, service, and support components. Consult our brochure for a complete list.

Services for security

We offer advisory services, implementation services, and managed services to help you build, staff, and maintain defense capabilities.

Case studies

Integrating a global security architecture

Learn how a London engineering and design firm protects its projects worldwide.

Creating a secure e-learning environment

The Security ELA helps a Kansas school district transform the way it delivers education.

Protecting students, researchers, and staff

A major Australian university adopts Cisco’s full cybersecurity portfolio to safeguard its network.


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This simple agreement covers Cisco infrastructure, collaboration, and security product suites.

True Forward: An industry first

We don’t bill retroactively even if you use more software than the original agreement allows for.