SecureX Case Studies, Reviews, and Insights

See what your peers in the security industry think of our SecureX built-in platform.

How digitization drives security resilience

Learn how SecureX provides the security visibility Shawnee Heights Unified School District 450 needs to help ensure the safety and success of over 3700 students and 5500 devices on campus and beyond.

Use cases for SecureX threat response

Security products and services

Explore how Oznet uses SecureX to better visualize how threats impact its environment.

Energy and utilities

Explore how Citynet uses SecureX to increase collaboration within its SecOps team.

Media and entertainment

Explore how a Global 500 company uses SecureX to centralize high-priority alerts.


Explore how a large enterprise company uses SecureX to save time on threat investigations.

Beat threats with holistic security solutions

Learn how desktop-as-a-service company Missing Piece is using SecureX to automate workflows, orchestrate security solutions, and integrate multiple products in a simple, efficient environment.

Analyst validation

The Total Economic Impact of SecureX

Forrester examines one composite organization's Total Economic Impact (TEI) of switching to SecureX.

XDR newsletter featuring Gartner research

Our newsletter features research from the analysts who coined the term "XDR," or extended detection and response. 

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