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Cisco IOS MPLS Traffic Engineering extends the core capabilities of MPLS by efficiently and reliably routing traffic.

The ability of MPLS TE to increase Bandwidth Inventory is its fundamental value-add, as it can leverage non-SPF paths in a network. Some MPLS TE customers have reported a bandwidth inventory increase of forty-fifty percent after the deployment of this technology. Fast Reroute provides minimal packet loss for a MPLS-enabled IP backbone. It also provides protection that matches the capabilities of SONET in the order of milliseconds, thereby enabling Service Providers to offer "Tight SLAs" and Bandwidth Protection for intolerant traffic types (ie: Voice and Video).

The combination of QoS and TE creates guaranteed bandwidth services. Deploying DiffServ-aware Traffic Engineering (DS-TE) and QoS in conjunction with VPN mechanisms enables next-generation Virtual Leased Lines.

Cisco IOS MPLS TE has been deployed in a variety of ways: full-mesh, partial mesh, and Fast ReRoute.

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Review additional information about Multiprotocol Label Switcing Traffic Engineering in the Technical Support site area.
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