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Cisco NX-OS

Secure, extensible OS for data centers

Cisco NX-OS helps network operations move at the speed of business, with comprehensive automation, extensive visibility, and flexible open architectures for your data center network. NX-OS is the network operating system for all fabric architectures, from traditional L2/L3 to overlay-based fabrics.Cisco NX-OS powers the modern data center.

The NX-OS data center advantage

Architectural flexibility

NX-OS helps you to meet changing business needs and scale your data center as your workload and apps grow.

Operational simplicity

The open, programmability of NX-OS accelerates provisioning from days to minutes. It also simplifies deployments, regardless of your toolchain.

End-to-end visibility

Help secure your data center and remediate issues quicker with deep visibility for both data plane and control plane traffic.

Network Insider webinar series

Attend the next webinar in our Network Insider Series, where you can learn about the latest Cisco Data Center Networking (DCN) products and solutions from the people who know them best: Our subject matter experts.

Miercom insights: What you need to know about data center network management

The results are in. See why Miercom performance tests endorse Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) 11, certifying that it includes Cisco’s best practices and advanced tools to handle growing networks.

June 25, 2020 – 10 am PDT

Features and Capabilities

Architectural flexibility

  • Scale your workloads with VXLAN EVPN
  • Efficient use of network resources through multitenancy
  • Choice of overlay technologies with segment routing and VXLAN
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity with VXLAN multisite

Operational simplicity

  • Cisco DCNM integration for comprehensive management
  • Ease of configuration through industry- standard APIs
  • Integration with DevOps automation tools
  • Streamlined tooling with native docker support

Visibility and security

  • Optimize network with granular flow and ASIC telemetry
  • Prevent network outages with control plane visibility and model-driven telemetry
  • Protect against snooping and cyber attack with MACSEC encryption
  • Help secure endpoints and workloads with 802.1X authentication

Manage your data center network with NX-OS

Efficient network operations with telemetry

Build a reliable data center network, prevent downtime, and resolve network issues quickly. Cisco NX-OS hardware and software telemetry and troubleshooting capabilities give you detailed insights with context.

Scalable network fabric

Flexibly scale your fabric for large-scale deployments using VXLAN EVPN.

Highly customizable network for your business

Manage workloads flexibly and securely. NX-OS allows you to customize the network based on business needs, allowing DevOps to bring up fabrics in minutes as they innovate.

Seamless data center interconnect solution

Interconnect your data centers using VXLAN multisite for enterprise and segment routing for service providers. This enables you to provide smooth and reliable data center edge handoffs.

Efficient approach to broadcast and media production

You can build essential production applications and networks with Cisco NX-OS that are easy to expand and upgrade, and cost-effective to deploy.

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SaltStack network automation integrated with Cisco NX-OS software is crucial for the IBM Cloud network. Together, SaltStack and Cisco are helping us eliminate human error, scale our deployments, manage configuration, and ensure security and regulatory compliance. There is no way for us to operate at this level of scale without automation. SaltStack is the answer for us.

- Brian Armstrong, IBM Cloud Network Engineering Executive

Cisco Data Center Networking Software Subscription


Migrate to a cutting-edge data center infrastructure by choosing a consumption model that fits your needs.

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Cisco and Puppet have worked together to help enterprise DevOps save money and improve time to market.

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Cisco NX-OS and SaltStack offer event-driven data center automation and management.

Cisco NX-OS demos

You can manage your data center switches through comprehensive APIs with Cisco NX-OS.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco Enterprise Agreement streamlines the customer licensing process.

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