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Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:June 2, 2021

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    (362.7 KB)
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Updated:June 2, 2021

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Simplify orchestration and provide a consistent, cloud-like experience across your hybrid environment

Organizations are racing to digitize their operations to stay competitive. They are adopting a cloud-first approach, yet they still need to maintain and optimize their existing investments while delivering enterprise-grade scale and resilience. But in this distributed, always-on world filled with constantly changing elements – applications, workloads, infrastructure, platforms, tools, locations, teams – the complexity is raised beyond human scale.

This makes it hard for infrastructure and operations teams to better manage their environment, balance risk, and accelerate the delivery of services that their internal customers are asking for. And it is not just about doing things faster, but also about providing a cloud-like experience: from development teams and line-of-business stakeholders demanding quick access to resources, to other IT teams that look after specific domains in the environment.

Automation is the only way to go, but one-off solutions created to solve domain-specific needs just won’t cut it any more in this new world. In order to scale and deliver at the speed of the business, IT teams need a more thoughtful and systematic approach – one that enables them to easily design and build workflows that match their customers’ speed and expectations but do not compromise on control.

This is where Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) comes in. A powerful automation tool that enables IT operations teams not just to move at the speed of the business and standardize while reducing risk across all domains but also to provide a consistent cloud-like experience for users.


     Bring your public cloud and on-premises resources together with a solution that extends orchestration across any infrastructure and workload and integrates with the tools of your choice

     Save time and streamline automation with a user-friendly GUI-based designer that makes it easy to create and execute complex workflows without being a coding expert

     Standardize your deployment process with self-service delivery and boost productivity with a selection of validated blueprints

     Reduce risks by enforcing policy using rules for what can be orchestrated and who can access workflows and tasks

Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator easy-to-use low-code workflow designer

Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator easy-to-use low-code workflow designer

How it works

Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator simplifies orchestration and automation for infrastructure and workloads across hybrid cloud by providing an easy-to-use workflow designer. Based on a library of curated, multi-domain tasks (custom or provided by Cisco), it enables users to create workflows, quickly and easily, without being coding experts! This enables quick and easy automation and deployment of any infrastructure resource, from servers, to VMs and the network, taking away some of the complexity of operating your hybrid IT environment.

The ICO workflow designer provides:

     Low/no-code workflow creation with a modern, drag-and-drop user experience with control flow support. The workflow designer includes policy-based, built-in tasks for Cisco UCS®, virtualization, and other Cisco® devices. A Software Development Kit (SDK) enables Cisco technology partners to build their own ICO tasks to develop custom solutions.*

     Rollback capabilities to selectively undo a workflow’s tasks in the event of failure, or to deprovision infrastructure, which when done manually can often take longer and be more error prone than straight provisioning.

     Extensibility with a task designer that expands the functionality of currently supported targets or can be used to create new ones. ICO currently supports Web API with more integration options to come.

With Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator you can truly evolve your automation strategy to provide consistent experience across on-premises resources and public clouds.

*ICO currently supports tasks for Pure Storage and Hitachi, with NetApp and deeper VMware and additional integrations coming soon.

For more information

Cisco Intersight Cloud Orchestrator comes with the Cisco Intersight Premier license. For more information, see Cisco Intersight Licensing Tiers.

For more information about Cisco Intersight, see: https://www.cisco.com/go/Intersight.




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