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Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:December 11, 2020

Available Languages

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Updated:December 11, 2020

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     Simplify Kubernetes day 0 to day N operations and increase application agility with a turn-key SaaS platform that makes it easy to deploy and manage clusters across data centers, the edge and public clouds

     Reduce risk, lower cost, improve governance and take multicloud control on a security-hardened platform, with enhanced availability, native integrations with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and end-to-end industry-leading Cisco TAC support

     Get more value from your investments with a flexible, extensible Kubernetes platform that supports multiple delivery options, hypervisors, storage and bare metal configurations

     Automate and simplify with self-service built-in add-ons and optimizations such as AI/ML frameworks, service mesh, networking, monitoring, logging and persistent object storage

Deploy consistent, production-grade Kubernetes anywhere with a few clicks

Few open-source projects have been as widely and rapidly adopted as Kubernetes (K8s), the de facto container orchestration platform. With Kubernetes, development teams can deploy, manage, and scale their containerized applications with ease, making innovations more accessible to their continuous delivery pipelines. However, Kubernetes comes with operational challenges, because it requires time and technical expertise to install and configure. Multiple open source packages need to be combined on top of heterogeneous infrastructure, across on-premises data centers, edge locations and of course, public clouds. Installing Kubernetes and the different software components required, creating clusters, configuring storage, networking and security, optimizing for AI/ML and other manual tasks, can slow down the pace of development and can result in teams spending hours debugging. In addition, maintaining all these moving parts (e.g. upgrading, updating and patching critical security bugs) require ongoing significant human capital investment.

The solution? Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS), a turn-key SaaS solution for managing consistent, production-grade Kubernetes anywhere.

How it works

Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) is a fully curated, lightweight container management platform for delivering multicloud production-grade upstream Kubernetes. Part of the modular SaaS Cisco Intersight offerings - with an air-gapped on-premises option also available*, it simplifies the process of provisioning, securing, scaling and managing virtualized or bare-metal* Kubernetes clusters by providing end-to-end automation, including the integration of networking, load balancers, native dashboards and storage provider interfaces. It also works with all the popular public cloud managed K8s offerings, integrating with common identity access with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Cloud Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)*. IKS is ideal for AI/ML development and data scientists looking for delivering GPU-enabled clusters* and Kubeflow support with a few clicks, as well as offering enhanced availability features, such as multi-master (tenant) and self-healing (operator model).

IKS is easy to install in minutes, deployed on top of VMware ESXi hypervisors, Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform (HXAP) hypervisors and/or directly on Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform bare metal servers* - enabling significant savings and efficiency without the need of virtualization. In addition, with HXAP leveraging container-native virtualization capabilities, you can run Virtual Machines (VMs), VM-based containers and bare metal containers on the same platform! Cisco Intersight also offers native integrations with Cisco HyperFlex (HX) for enterprise-class storage capabilities (e.g. example persistent volume claims and public cloud-like object storage) and Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI®) for networking, in addition to the industry- standard Container Storage Interface and Container Network Interface (e.g. Calico).

Intersight Kubernetes Service integrates seamlessly with the other Cisco Intersight SaaS offerings, to deliver a powerful, comprehensive cloud operations platform to easily and quickly deploy, optimize and lifecycle manage end-to-end infrastructure, workloads, and applications.

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To learn more about Intersight Kubernetes Service, visit: https://cisco.com/go/Intersight




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