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Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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Updated:February 5, 2020

Available Languages

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    (310.6 KB)
    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:February 5, 2020


Cisco® Crosswork Situation Manager uses patented artificial intelligence technology to automatically reduce your alert volume, get proactive insights into the health of your technology stack, and collaborate quickly to resolve any incident that might arise.

Product overview

IT and network operations teams are challenged with monitoring the amount of “noise” produced by modern network infrastructures, and the introduction of specialized tools to support these efforts and use cases has made it difficult to identify issues, understand the implications, and then resolve them in a timely fashion. Previous filter- and rules-based approaches cannot keep up with the increasing rate of change throughout the network. To keep pace, operators are adopting new approaches, with more agile methodologies involving more roles in IT and network operation activities.

Within Cisco Crosswork Network Automation, the Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager is designed to assist IT and network operations teams in quickly understanding the availability and performance of the systems for which they are responsible. Using patented algorithmic and machine-learning technologies, Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager helps you identify performance-affecting incidents in real time while simultaneously enabling smart workflows across technological and organizational boundaries to resolve the issues.

With Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager, you can automatically reduce alert volumes by up to 99 percent and proactively detect problems through smart correlation of alerts (situations). Once an issue has been identified, the Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager streamlines collaboration and automates workflows across teams and tools using built-in features such as the ‘situation room’. Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager is constantly learning, capturing knowledge gained from an operator’s experience and then automatically storing and sharing it for future reuse through features such as probable root cause analysis and algorithmic knowledge.

The result is a drastic reduction in the overall number of incidents affecting production systems and in the time to detect and resolve incidents that do occur (MTTD and MTTR), improving your quality of service and reducing the overall cost of addressing downtimes and outages.

Features and benefits



Automatic noise reduction

Rank monitoring events by significance, enabling IT and network operations teams to focus only on relevant alerts. Up to 99 percent noise reduction without rules or filters, avoiding both false positives (useless alerts that distract operators) and false negatives (useful alerts that are filtered out before operators see them), as well as minimizing operator fatigue from excessive alert volumes.

Avoids issues being lost in the noise and helps operators focus on relevant events.

Algorithmic correlation

A variety of patented algorithmic and machine-learning techniques build clusters of related alerts automatically, identifying unique situations without the need for laborious development and time-intensive maintenance of rules, filters, or inventory-based service maps. Reduce incidents being created in ticketing systems (existing customers have seen 62 percent reduction of tickets), avoiding the corresponding direct and indirect costs.

Delivers situational context around an issue, enabling correct prioritization, without requiring laborious creation and maintenance of rules, filters, or service maps.

Cross-silo collaboration

Automatically assemble cross-disciplinary teams to work on identified situations, while avoiding distraction effect of involving unnecessarily large teams in issues where they are not required. New participants can be invited automatically (based on skills required) or manually and receive notification by email or SMS or through integration with existing notification systems.

Streamlines both diagnosis and remediation by limiting size of incident teams and providing powerful collaboration tools (situation room). Existing customers have seen 30 percent reduction in customer-identified incidents and 25 percent reduction in MTTR, leading to greater quality of service for less effort.

Integrated ChatOps functionality further accelerates diagnosis and remediation by integrating Cisco or external automation tools.

Probable root cause

Machine-learning functionality to identify events that might be the root cause of a situation and rank them according to the confidence of that identification.

Enable IT and network operations teams to start their investigation from events that have the greatest chance of being the cause of the incident, without requiring manual dependency mapping.

Algorithmic knowledge capture

Suggest resolving actions captured automatically from past situations in order to speed resolution times and identify recurring issues. Assemble knowledge based on proven solutions to past situations, with inline ratings by operators to help flag useful suggestions.

Provide IT and network operations teams with proven remediation actions from past situations, without requiring manual documentation to be compiled or consulted.

Artificial intelligence for IT and network operations

As an operations professional, you are tasked with two goals: make sure of reliable and predictable availability of existing IT systems and network infrastructure and facilitate the development and release of new services.

Through the power of artificial intelligence, Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager removes past dependency on complex, brittle, and fragile systems of rules and filters so IT and network operations can quickly detect and understand any performance-affecting incident and work together to resolve them rapidly.

With Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager, you can:

     Automatically reduce alert volumes and eliminate operational noise

     Proactively detect problems through smart correlation and clustering of alerts from across your technology ecosystem

     Streamline collaboration and automate workflow across teams and tools

     Capture knowledge and automate sharing to make operators smarter over time

     Lower your time to detect and remediate incidents

     Use the power of the overall Cisco Crosswork framework

Don’t waste time and effort on fragile and brittle management systems that can no longer perform at the level you require. Take advantage of innovative artificial intelligence for IT and network operations to accelerate detection, diagnosis, triage, and remediation of incidents, while smoothing collaboration and automating workflow across technological and organizational boundaries.

System requirements

The sizing recommendations below are guidelines for small, medium and large Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager installations which are based on input data rate and volume. Event calculations depend on the number of events post the initial processing by the product. For custom sizing requirements and more details, contact your Cisco account representative.

Input data

1K – 5K managed entities

< 20 normalized** events per second

1 - 5 enrichment sources

< 20 users

5K–20K managed entities

20 - 100 normalized** events per second

6 - 10 enrichment sources

20 – 40 users

> 20K managed entities

> 100 normalized** events per second

> 10 enrichment sources

> 40 users

Processor type

8 cores

16 cores

24+ cores

Memory (RAM)

32 GB

64 GB

128 GB

Network adapter

2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet

2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet

2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet

Disk storage

1 TB Local or SAN*

1 TB Local or SAN*

1 TB Local or SAN*

*Based on retention policy.
**Refers to event rate post the initial processing. It does not refer to the raw event count coming from event source.

Ordering guide

Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager is available today. To learn more, contact your Cisco account representative.

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