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Cisco Video Assurance Management Solution

Monitor and Troubleshoot Video Transport

Now service providers can benefit from real-time, centralized monitoring of headends or hubs, and core, distribution, and aggregation networks for broadcast video transport-to quickly identify and resolve issues. Cisco Video Assurance Management Solution 3.1 provides the framework for a modular, end-to-end, assurance management architecture for video services such as linear broadcast and video on demand (VoD) based on MPEG-2 transport streams and uncompressed flows.

Direct Video Monitoring

With Video Assurance Management Solution 3.1, service providers can monitor all video flows directly from the data plane of the router without having to pull the video flows to a dedicated card or appliance. With Cisco 7600 Series Routers and Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers supporting inline video monitoring (VidMon), this solution gives the ability to gather and display per-flow metrics by directly polling these routers. That means network operators can now detect, diagnose, and pinpoint where in the IP transport network video impairment occurs due to loss and delay.

Cisco Video Assurance Management Solution 3.1 comprises the following building blocks:

  • Cisco Multicast Manager 3.1.2: Monitors any change in the multicast trees that might affect video performance
  • Cisco Info Center 7.3: Actively manages network events to help maintain video service uptime and quality
  • ROSA NMS 4.2: Provides effective tools for fault management, configuration management, and performance management especially designed to manage complete IP television (IPTV), broadcast, and cable networks
  • Cisco Active Network Abstraction 3.7.2: Supports correlation and aggregation of events in the core, distribution, and aggregation networks
  • Third-Party Video Probes: Placed at demarcation points along the video path in the network, they help you identify, isolate, and troubleshoot video errors. Supported video probes are: Tektronix MTM400, Bridge Technologies, Ineoquest, and Mixed Signals.
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Cisco Video Assurance Management Solution

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