Cisco Prime Network Registrar

A proven and scalable solution for DHCP and DNS services

Cisco Prime Network Registrar is a scalable, high-performance, extensible solution that provides services for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS) acting as an Authoritative DNS, and Caching DNS.

Features and benefits


Significant acceleration of DNS query throughput by assigning over 20,000 DHCP leases per second and supporting over 130 million devices across multiple servers in a single customer deployment.


Manage server load by redistributing DHCP lease renewals for better utilization across clusters, using a variety of deployment options (Image download, Docker container, VM OVA, QCOW2, or Pre-loaded appliance).


Address reliability of DHCP and DNS using multiple levels of redundancy with DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 safe failover and support for HA-DNS. Custom dashboards report status and trends of DHCP and DNS operations.


A powerful extensions interface and REST APIs enable very flexible customizations to create bespoke functions for network security, performance, and 3rd party integrations.


Network Registrar can be configured to monitor relay agents for reliable DHCP operations in a failover configuration. It can also be configured to verify the destination server is a viable choice for the DNS assignment.


Chatty Client filter allows fencing of misbehaving clients for DHCP. DNSSEC, DNS firewall, TSIG, and DNS over TLS help protect against DNS vulnerabilities. Smart Cache steps in when an external DNS has been compromised.


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