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Simplify, automate, virtualize - for a more agile and innovative network.

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Reduce time to market

Reduce time to market

Improve your customer experience and take new solutions to market faster than ever before

Automate costly manual functions

Automate costly manual functions

Improve internal efficiencies and cut operational expenses. Smart analytics solutions deliver the right data to the right person at the right time

Manage your network transformation

Manage your network transformation

Empower your teams with the latest network engineer and software developer education. Access online learning libraries, virtual labs and training, curriculum planning and professional certifications

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5G Automation whitepaper

At a glance view of 5G automation architecture and standards focusing on per-domain and cross-domain automation and orchestration, while considering all the 5G components that work in tight synergy.

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Customer stories

Building the bridge to 5G

Building the bridge to 5G

Rakuten teamed with Cisco to build one of the world’s first cloud-native 5G-ready networks. Offering fast delivery, trusted code, and continuous innovation, unlocking the full potential of 5G.

Verizon facilitates 5G growth and innovation

Verizon facilitates 5G growth and innovation

Verizon and its technology partners are building one of the world’s largest 5G proving grounds. Cisco will contribute 5G-ready mobile architecture and customer experience to accelerate deployments.

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