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Cisco DNA Center At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:June 14, 2022

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Updated:June 14, 2022

Table of Contents



Simplify management and streamline network operations with an intelligent intent-based network controller.

Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network controller and management dashboard that lets you take charge of your network, optimize your Cisco investment, secure your remote workforce, and lower your IT spending. Full automation capabilities for provisioning and change management are enhanced with AI/ML-enhanced analytics that pull streaming telemetry from everywhere in the network. Applications, services, and users are prioritized based on business goals, within policy parameters and security best-practices. Network, application, or device performance shortcomings are flagged, and instant remediation guidance is offered, saving hours of IT troubleshooting. Additionally, machine reasoning automates complex networking tasks with the click of a button, to enable your newer administrators and save time for your seasoned engineers. This interconnection of automation and assurance forms a continuous validation-and-verification loop, checking alignment of network operation with business intent. Through open APIs and SDKs, third-party technologies can be run on top of Cisco DNA Center and benefit from its powerful network visibility. Cisco DNA Center is an open, extensible platform for streamlining IT workflows and greater business innovation.

Currently installed on dedicated physical appliances, future versions of Cisco DNA Center will offer operational flexibility with a virtual appliance that can be installed on VMware ESXi and AWS.


      Secure access from anywhere: Facilitate distributed networks and secure your remote workforce with zero-trust policies and dynamic segmentation of endpoints based on business requirements

      Simplify management: Policy-driven provisioning, guided remediation, and machine reasoning increase network uptime and reduce time spent managing network operations

      Ensure network and application performance: AI/ML network insights reduce time spent managing network operations and improve user experience

      Facilitate offsite IT teams: Optimized for remote access, a clean, organized dashboard with single-button workflows makes remote management easy

What Cisco DNA Center enables you to do

NetOps: Save time by using a single dashboard to manage and automate your network. Quickly scale your business with intuitive workflows and reusable templates. Configure and provision thousands of network devices across your enterprise in minutes, not hours. Empower your newer staff with machine reasoning to perform complex tasks with the click of a button.

AIOps: Leverage AI/ML to monitor, identify, and react in real time to changing network and wireless conditions. Cisco DNA Center uses your network’s wired and wireless devices to create sensors everywhere, providing real-time feedback based on actual network conditions. The Cisco DNA Assurance engine correlates network sensor insights with streaming telemetry and compares this with the current context of these data sources. With a quick check of the health scores on the Cisco DNA Center dashboard, you can see where there is a performance issue and identify the most likely cause in minutes.

SecOps: Full-featured zero-trust capabilities will identify and classify endpoints and users, assign granular access policies, and deploy group-based secure access and network segmentation customized for your business needs. With Cisco DNA Center, you apply policy to users and applications instead of to your network devices. Automation reduces manual operations and the costs associated with human errors, resulting in more uptime and improved security. Assurance then assesses the network and uses context to turn data into intelligence, making sure that changes in the network device policies achieve your intent.

DevOps: With the Cisco DNA Center platform, IT can integrate Cisco® solutions and third-party technologies into a single network operation for streamlining IT workflows and increasing business value and innovation. Cisco DNA Center allows you to run the network with open interfaces with IT and business applications, integrates across IT operations and technology domains, and can manage heterogeneous network devices.

Cisco Customer Experience services for Cisco DNA Center

With IT environments becoming more complex, rapidly changing technologies, and pressure to do more with less, you need expertise to move faster, insights to take action quickly and at scale, and best practices to empower your team to deal quickly and effectively with the future.

For all of this to come together, we’re transforming the way you work with Cisco. We’re working with you to be more proactive and predictive, where expertise and insights are delivered at scale to accelerate your success.

With Cisco Success Track for Campus Network, we stay with you at every step through the entire lifecycle journey to help you remove the barriers between you and your goals and get faster return on your Cisco DNA Center.

Cisco Success Track for Campus Network is a packaged service that connects you to Cisco expertise, insights, learning, and support to help you realize value faster with a new way of engaging with Cisco—through a one-stop, personalized digital experience with Cisco CX Cloud. With Cisco CX Cloud, you get a contextual view of your IT environment and the guidance to predict better outcomes, faster.

Learn more

To learn more about Cisco DNA Center and how it can help to accelerate your digital transformation, visit the Cisco DNA Center web page: https://www.cisco.com/go/dnacenter.




Learn more

Join us for a live demo of Cisco DNA Center capabilities and ask questions of Cisco experts. See examples of software image management, network and client health, and proactive troubleshooting.