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Cisco Prime for IT and Service Providers

Cisco Network Innovations Win Award

Cisco Prime is recognized for helping service providers more easily manage their networks.

Experience Innovative OSS and Network Management

Empower your IT organization to more effectively manage your networks and the services they deliver with the Cisco Prime enterprise and service provider portfolios of management products.

Cisco Prime products deliver next-generation management by supporting an intuitive workflow-oriented user experience and integrated lifecycle operations across Cisco architectures, technologies, and networks. Cisco Prime helps IT organizations:

  • Simplify network management
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Deliver predictable services
  • Lower the total cost of ownership

Cisco Prime for IT products empower IT departments to more effectively manage their networks and the services they deliver for Cisco Enterprise Networks, data center, and collaboration architectures.


Cisco Prime for IT Product Portfolio

The Cisco Prime product portfolio delivers integrated management solutions that support the convergence of networks, technologies, and services. The product portfolio includes:

IT Management

Gives you an integrated, comprehensive way to manage the lifecycle of wired and wireless access, along with campus and branch networks, while providing visibility into end-user connectivity and application performance, and automated IP address management.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure: Offers comprehensive lifecycle management of wired/wireless access, campus, and branch networks, rich visibility into end-user connectivity, and application performance assurance
  • Cisco Prime Service Catalog: A self-service portal where users can order and manage any type of IT service, from data center to desktop. Whether end users order a mobile device, a virtual desktop, or an entire application-development environment in a private cloud, Cisco Prime Service Catalog helps streamline the service request and delivery process.
  • Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM): Provides deep application-aware network visibility and granular performance analytics that empower network administrators to rapidly isolate and remediate problems and improve the user experience.
  • Cisco Prime IP Express:  Provides integrated, high-performance, reliable Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP Address Management (IPAM) services for the enterprise network.

Voice and Video Collaboration Management

Cisco Prime Collaboration

Integrated solution for accelerated provisioning, real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and long-term trending and analysis for Cisco Collaboration voice and video networks.

Data Center Management

  • Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module: Provides deep application-aware network visibility and granular performance analytics that empower network administrators to rapidly isolate and remediate problems and improve the user experience.
  • Cisco NetFlow Generation Appliance 3240: Generates, unifies, and exports flow data in high performance data centers, empowering network operations, engineering, and security teams to achieve operational efficiencies, improve services delivery, and harden network security
  • Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager: Combines management of Ethernet and storage networks into a single dashboard to help network and storage administrators troubleshoot health and performance across the whole range of Cisco NX-OS platforms, including the Cisco Nexus and MDS 9000 Families, regardless of protocol type

Cisco Prime for Service Providers is a modular and comprehensive portfolio of OSS and network management solutions. These solutions help accelerate the time to value of innovative Cisco architectures –€“ supporting A to Z management of evolved programmable networks, mobility, video, cloud, and managed services.


Service Provider Product Portfolio

  • Analytics

    Provide scalable, real-time, network-centric analytics that allow for adaptation to customer environments and use cases.

  • Carrier Management

    Simplify the lifecycle management of carrier-grade networks and services by automating service design, fulfillment, assurance, and analysis tasks.

  • Cloud Automation

    Enable efficient delivery of cloud services by automating lifecycle management processes including provisioning, operations and resource management.

  • Operational Systems Software

    Efficiently coordinate business and operational processes for rapid design, creation, and delivery of services.

  • Endpoint Management

    Deploy scalable, flexible DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and AAA services, and connected home management.

  • Voice and Video Collaboration

    Automate voice provisioning, real-time monitoring and proactive troubleshooting across Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco TelePresence systems.

Cisco Prime for Cloud is a portfolio of software products and solutions for data center automation, cloud computing, and IT systems management.

Cloud Product Portfolio

  • Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

    Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud helps enable enterprise IT professionals and service providers deliver highly secure on demand IT (ITaaS - IT as a service). By creating a more agile and cost-effective service-delivery vehicle, IT professionals can proactively meet the growing needs of a business.

  • Cisco Prime Network Services Controller

    The Cisco Prime Network Services Controller, formerly the Cisco Virtual Network Management Center, provides centralized device and policy management for Cisco virtual services. The virtual appliance offers transparent, scalable, and automation-centric management for virtualized enterprise data center and multitenant cloud environments.

Cisco Prime Demo Series

Cisco Prime for IT

  • Cisco Software Demo Series Schedule (PDF - 156 KB)

    Learn how Cisco Prime can improve the productivity of your staff, help ensure service delivery, and reduce network downtime. These sessions include short product overview presentations, followed by product demonstrations with use cases that highlight the value of Cisco Prime products and solutions. See schedule for time and dates in your region.

Cisco Prime for IT Training Resources

Software Trial Downloads

Software trial downloads are available for several Cisco OSS and network management products.

Partner Resources

Cisco Prime for Service Provider

  • Cisco Knowledge Network OSS and Network Management Service Provider Workshops

    Cisco Knowledge Network is an interactive training resource designed to connect Cisco experts with a select group of your technical professionals. The goal is to create and foster a technical virtual community that functions as your one-stop resource for technical updates, peer networking, and interactive dialogue.

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    Current Analysis reports on Inmarsat and Cisco Team to Deliver Advanced Services Over Global Xpress (GX).

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