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Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) for ISR G2 SRE

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

View the End-of-Life Notice to learn: 

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  • What replacement products are available
  • Information about product support

Deliver a High-Quality Application Experience

The Cisco Prime NAM for ISR G2 SRE permits you to transform your Cisco Integrated Services Router G2 into a powerful application performance analysis tool in the branch. It provides:

  • Layers 4-7 application recognition
  • Comprehensive application performance analytics
  • Detailed traffic usage statistics
  • Extensive voice metrics
  • Deep insightful packet captures

These capabilities permit customers to profile application traffic, characterize the end-user's application experience, and troubleshoot performance problems to more efficiently and effectively deliver services across Cisco Enterprise Networks. The Cisco Prime NAM for ISR G2 Services-Ready Engine (SRE):

  • Monitors the traffic entering and leaving a remote site
  • Identifies the applications that are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Proactively detects the applications that are performing poorly
  • Assesses whether control and optimization techniques are effective
  • Permits contextual troubleshooting of performance problems

Features and Benefits

  • Realize rack space and power savings with an integrated solution
  • Improve the performance of business-critical applications
  • Assess application performance improvements as a result of WAN optimization
  • Achieve service level commitments by characterizing the end-user experience
  • Manage remotely with anytime, anywhere access and save on IT staff time and travel

The Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module for ISR G2 SRE is part of the Cisco NAM product portfolio.

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