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Cisco Prime Access Registrar Jumpstart

Cisco Prime Access Registrar Jumpstart is a high performance appliance for RADIUS/Diameter authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) services. The Cisco Prime Access Registrar software is preinstalled as a virtual machine on a Cisco UCS, providing network operators with the flexibility to easily expand and support virtualized data centers.

Cisco Prime Access Registrar Jumpstart includes the following:

  • Cisco Prime Access Registrar: an intelligent, scalable, flexible, high-performance, 3GPP compliant solution for RADIUS/Diameter AAA management,  preinstalled on the UCS
  • Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) C220 M4: high-density, two-socket, one rack-unit (RU) rack-mount server configured for optimal performance
  • VMware ESXi: VMware virtualization technology – preinstalled on the UCS


  • Fast and easy to implement: The preconfigured server and the preinstalled software allow for a quick deployment and low startup costs
  • Compact form factor: Hardware offers superior scalability and performance in a smaller device.
  • Grows with the business: The appliance ships with a base license for 100 transactions per second (TPS) or 100,000 online/active subscribers or device sessions. Additional licenses may be purchased, supporting more than 20,000 TPS or up to 4 million subscribers with this single UCS server.

Request a Cisco Sales Call to get more information about Cisco Prime Access Registrar Jumpstart.

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